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July 22, 2011


I knew it was going to happen soon and I have been very excited about it. I was trying to figure out a way to have a contest for the 10,000 person but I couldn't figure out the logistics of proving they were the ONE! By now you are probably like UGH what is she babbling about now..... My blog has officially had over 10,000 hits. Thank you so much to everyone that has come to my little space and read/commented. I appreciate you all.

I have a Poo update. This week his Pemphigus (read about it here in an earlier blog post) flared up so hubby took him to see his Vet. He is back on some medicine to see if we can knock it back into remission. We are going test his blood sugar daily to make sure he doesn't need an insulin dose change. He is still running around the house and he spent some time out on the patio this morning before it gets to hot. We are hoping he gets better quickly, as has been the case in the past.

This is a photo of the affected skin.


Attention Harry Potter fans you will love this. I went to Knit Knite last night and had a blast. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I am pretty sure we were very close to be evicted from Panera. One of the Knit Knite ladies, Ann, knit a Golden Snitch. I am also very jealous of Ann as she is going to Sock Summit next week. I wonder if she is taking the Golden Snitch with her? Maybe she can take me instead?


Here is an update for my 2011 finishing project. This is to be a donation blanket, It is the only project remaining that was started prior to 1/1/11. I better getting knitting. Actually Molly has said to pass it on to her when I am done knitting on it and she will finish it up. I may take her up on the offer.


Here is the progress on the first BFF sock by Cookie A. I need to get cracking and finish these socks.


1 comment:

Ria said...

Blanket's looking good! You are very lucky to have someone willing to finish it - I hates seaming.

Give Poo a hug - I hope he gets better soon! Skin issues must feel worse in this heat!

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