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July 18, 2011

I am a magician!

I finished Fannette by Melissa J. Goodale this weekend. It is knit with Regia Hand-dye Effect. Here it is in the unblocked form. Not very impressive in my opinion.


Gave it a bath with some wool soak. Oh yeah and if you don't know it the salad spinner isn't just for spinning salad. It is great for removing water from hand knits without the risk of felting. So there is your tip for the post.


David Copperfield eat your heart out! This is true magic...


I was knitting this as part of a K-A-L on Ravelry. I was notified this morning that I was the first to finish the project so I am the winner of ond skein of Handmaiden Sea Three. I feel sort of silly since I didn't even know there was a prize. It was a very nice way to start Monday!

This project was also mentioned on Knitcircus's blog last week here.


Unknown said...

what a beautiful piece! thanks for the tip - I had no idea salad spinners had another purpose! :)

Ria said...

Congrats!! Blocking is magic - in a pain in the butt sort of way! People have asked me why I have a salad spinner under my bathroom sink....

Robin said...

Love the shawl- magic it is! handmaiden sea is a great yarn. Save it for a special project.

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