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December 18, 2008

FO and Rip Rip

Below is a finished picture of my Clapotis. I am in love with the pattern but not so in love with the yarn. Hemp for Knitting #220 Hempwol. This yarn is wonderful to knit with but even after soaking it for 2 hours then blocking it just didn't soften up as much as I thought it would. :-( However this has not stopped me from wearing it all day today. :-)

Last night I cast on the first sleeve cuff for the Suzie Hoodie. Notice anything wrong?

Here let me get a little closer. Notice it now?

Maybe I shouldn't have frogged it....

I am going to see if anyone else can see what I saw this morning before ripping it!


NextVanGogh said...

are you talking about the grey flecks or something else?

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Thank you Kristie for guessing. It is something else.

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