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January 27, 2009

Woodsmokes FROGGED

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So I frogged these last night. I had gotten 12 rows into the first repeat and decided, with Molly's help, that the pattern was getting lost in the tweedy color mix of the yarn. I have ordered some solid color sock yarn and will try again because I love this pattern.


Leah said...

I find it fascinating how pattern/yarn combos are so important! I love raverly for that! I can see what a pattern looks like in solid, verigated and everything in between!

Ria said...

I love varigated and self striping yarns - but I also love cables and stitch patterns - sometimes it's hard to find a pattern that works for both.

Can't wait to see them in the solid yarn.

Oh look - whole foods has the cutest kitties!

mollylouhoo said...

I think you will be much more satisfied with a solid yarn.


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