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February 27, 2009

Ease - what the hell is it anyway?

What the hell is Ease? I have embarked on a journey to discover just exactly it is. I have found some wonderful resources too that I wish to share below.

Ease ~ think of your skin as the neutral ease. If you try to put on an item of clothing and the sides rip out of it because it is too small you can say there is negative ease for your body verses the garment. On the opposite side if you put on a garment and it falls to the floor because three of you could fit in it that would be said to have positive ease. While these are extreme examples it helps me to think of it in terms I will remember. I am a black and white thinking by nature folks! Please don't hold it against me. :-)

So it makes sense that ease is an important consideration when knitting a garment. I have to admit I haven't paid too much attention to ease in my earlier knitting projects. Going forward I will have to be more aware so that I produce better fitting pieces for my body. IE be sure there is enough fabric to cover the girls rather than smash the girls.

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Lisa-tastrophies said...

I never thought of ease in knitting. I sew and know about it from that, but now that you said this I will have to remember it. Of course my knitting consists mostly of pet beds, scarfs and the one sweater I am STILL in the process of knitting (6 months since I cast on).

NextVanGogh said...

I believe Knitting Daily did something on EASE in the last few months also. If I run across it, I'll forward back to you. :)

Ease always affects me in the arm shoulder area because I have thick upper arms and wide shoulders. :)

Ria said...

Love your NALOGIES!!

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