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February 14, 2009

Poo is famous.....

Happy Valentines Day to you!

Last night Jimmy and I met up with Kristie for dinner and shopping at Easton. We dined at On the Boarder. I had a spicy beef chimichanga which was very good. Oh and a margarita on the rocks. MMMM

I have been bitten by the tea bug. Jimmy tells me I could open my own tea shop and that I am obsessed. Anyway I had recently heard about Teavana from our other friend Julane so Kristie and I headed over there where I found this teapot. Kristie knew I was looking for a warming tea light stand to keep a teapot warm and found one on clearance during the week. Thanks again Kristie! I think they look perfect together. I also picked up some Earl Grey Cream tea. Oh my is it lovely. :-)

This morning Jimmy and I were out of the house early and headed to Staufs for breakfast. He wanted to get his hair cut at the Barber next door to Staufs and they open at 7 AM but we didn't get out of the house that early.

While he was getting his hair cut I stopped into Heavenly Creations to find some 2.25 MM metal DPN's to replace my wooden needles I am using in the Woodsmoke socks. I am very hard on my needles and I just know I am going to snap one late at night and not be able to run out then to purchase metal. Anyway they didn't have what I was looking for but they did have Arctic Lace by Donna Druchunas. So without his knowledge Jimmy purchased my Valentines Day gift. Thank you Jimmy!

While checking out the clerk, Amy, asked me if I was on Ravelry. I said yep. She said, "are you beancounter"? I was shocked! She then said she reads all about Poo on my blog. See Poo really is famous. :-)

After the hair cut and Heavenly Creations we decided we weren't ready to head home so we went to another coffee house, Mojo Lounge, on the Cap. We hung out there until lunch time when we decided to visit Katzinger's for lunch. OMG if you have never had one of there 100+ deli sandwiches you are truly missing out my friend.

From there we decided to stop over at The Yarn Shop to see if they had the metal needles I wanted and sure enough they did. Well the needles were only 6 bucks so I HAD to find enough other things to get my purchase over $25 so that I could get another punch in my card (10 punches and you get $25 bucks in free stuff in the store). So I picked up some green reinforcing thread for some green sock yarn I plan to knit up sometime soon. I also picked up three more balls of Mission Falls for the bed blanket project.

Below is an updated pic of my Woodsmoke sock. The heel is turned and the gusset decreases are finished on the first sock. I am having a debate in my head if I should bring the second sock to this same point and then reacquaint them to the circular needle to finish the socks together. I am leaning towards do this. HUMMMM


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Early Grey Cream tea? That sounds amazing! Did you get it at the tea shop at Easton? Must get some!

Ria said...

Beautiful sock so far. How cool that Poo has a fan base!

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Oh Julane it is amazing. Yes it was purchased at Teavana in Easton. Thank you for enabling me. :-) Jimmy refers to my tea area as Tea Land now.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Thanks Ria.. I am really enjoying knitting these socks. As is evident by the many status updates.

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