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March 8, 2009

Full Blown Spring Fever Baby....

Yep! I knew it wouldn't take much and boy oh boy mother nature did not disappoint. Yesterday was in the seventies here. WOW it was so nice. I believe I may experience a huge nasty mood swing if it snows again this season.

Jimmy and I went for a walk at Homestead Park yesterday morning. It was nice to be outside without 5 layers of clothing. Here are a couple pictures taken during our walk.

Friday I received a Knitpicks yarn order. There is some Cotlin yarn to make the Slinky-Rib sweater for spring/summer from Wendy of Knit and Tonic. There is sock yarn, Essential Kettle Dyed, for four pairs of socks and some stitch markers.

Kristie asked if I wanted to knit the SKA March Mystery Sock along with her. Clue one was published last Sunday and clue two today. I cast on, not once but twice, to start these socks yesterday. My first attempt went south pretty quickly but my second try is going pretty darn well. I am using Frog Tree Alpaca yarn for these lovelies. I have seen some pictures of finished clue one and it is soooooo pretty. Here is my cuff of sock 1 with the first lace repeat complete. I think I will knit a total of two repeats for the cuff and cast on the second sock since I want to have them both through clue one before I start clue two.

Attempt one:

Second cast on..

This morning I finally couldn't stand it any longer. I had to cast on the bedroom blanket for Jimmy. I really love Mission Falls 1824 Wool! Soooooooo soft and buttery. A pleasure to knit with for sure.

So in an attempt to regulate our Poo's glucose levels the Vet asked if we would be willing to test his blood regularly. On Friday we received his meter. Yesterday we attempted to take a reading but didn't not have success because the reading said we didn't haven enough blood. Poo was pretty pissed off at us after we stuck him 4 times to get blood. So we will try again today. I have been in contact with the Vet and she is going to contact her Vet friend who has done these tests on another kitty to get us some pointers. Here is his new meter.


Jackie F. said...

I love that bridge at Homestead. When the park was first built, my youngest brother and I inline skated there all summer long. Now I take my kids there when I get a chance. It's such a nice park. My parents still live off Davidson Rd, and before that we lived out in Lake Darby Estates off Hubbard Rd (on the Franklin Co./Madison Co. border). So, I'm familiar with that part of Hilliard. I'm a Hilliard grad :-)

NextVanGogh said...

I was going to ask how many repeats you were going to do. I'm thinking 2 or 3 myself.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Posted on behalf of bunnits has left a new comment on your post "Full Blown Spring Fever Baby....":

Love that weather. We got to 80 here in North Alabama yesterday, pretty warm today, too. Unfortunately, a cold front is on its way and we'll be down in the 40's soon.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

I am sorry bunnits! I accidentally hit the reject comment button when I was trying to publish your comment. I have posted it on your behalf above. I guess I haven't had enough coffee this morning to open my eyes. I am wondering how I drove to work safely. :-)

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