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March 14, 2009

The Poopy Experiment

So as you know our Poo has Feline Diabetes. Last week we purchased a meter to test his blood glucose levels here at home. Well today, with the help of YouTube, Buddy and his owner, and Poo's vet we were successfully able test Poo's glucose levels. Granted the test results were 562 which is WAY to high. In an ideal world we would like him somewhere between 100 and 200.

In the video below we learned how exactly to perform a glucose test on a feline. Thanks Buddy!

So tomorrow Poo's vet has asked that we perform a glucose curve on Poo. This will require 11+ hours of work by Poo, Jimmy and myself. At zero hours Poo will get his shot of Insulin, which we changed today from .005 to .0075 based on the very high level reading today. Then starting 4 hours out and every 45 minutes there after we are going to test his blood glucose levels. The results will be placed into a curve chart so that we can determine his low point. It is very important that we figure out how low Poo's glucose level is actually going so we can determine his correct dose of insulin. There was a point when the doctor checked him in the office and he was at something like 70, which is way to low.

So stay tuned tomorrow, later in the day, and I will post his glucose curve.

1 comment:

Ria said...

Oh poor baby!

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