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March 29, 2009

Stash Spring Cleaning

Warning to anyone with a yarn stash..... DO NOT ORGANIZE YOUR YARN STASH WHEN YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS HOME! I am officially on a $0.00 yarn budget for the next six months. Everything I knit must be knit from my yarn stash. waaaaaaawaaaaa

OK so today I set out to organize my yarn stash. I have been procrastinating because there was a great deal of wool not inside protective storage. Prime feeding for moths for sure. Here are before pictures.

Top of stash cupboard. The basket is intended to hold my WIP yarn. There was yarn in there not allocated to a project.

Random yarn on top of stash cupboard.

I really did make an attempt a couple years ago to organize but didn't stay organized as you can see.

Frog pile. These were found while sorting out the stash.

Okay so here it is...... Drum roll...... My yarn stash.

What my significant other doesn't understand is this is a very modest stash compared to many others I've heard about. All the yarn on the left side is donation blanket stash yarn. If anyone needs a little piece of any color please give me a yell. I am sure I have any color of worsted weight acrylic.

Kiki enjoyed chilling in recently emptied bag of yarn.

Poo trying to figure out how to make a new home of the empty stash cupboard.

This scarf was in the fog pile but I think I may finish it. Perhaps sell it on

Top of stash cupboard organized with current WIP yarn in the basket.

All the stash yarn is now in the stash cupboard. :-)


Lisa-tastrophies said...

I for one am thanking you for posting this (and letting me know that I am not the only one with enough yarn to circle the globe a couple of times :-)
I didn't know that stash needs to be in a protective bag or box. What do you recommend? I have been storing mine in a couple of drawers. And my WIP are in different tote bags for easy travel.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Hey Lisa... Thanks for the comment. I used plastic "shoe boxes" purchased at the Container Store to pack away the animal fibers. I also put lots of lavender around the stash (natural moth repellent). I am not a fan of moth balls.

NextVanGogh said...

My first thought was holy wow that's a lot of yarn! BUT... once you explained the reason for the acrylic being there, it makes sense and really it doesn't look like so much when you take all that out. But it does look nice all organize and thanks for the lavendar tip. You know how I love the LAV and I didn't know it was a repellant. Awesome!

I need to do some serious organizing... but that requires finishing the cleaning first and making room to put my organizer together.

Princessofallthingscrafty said...

Hahaha! I love it! Your yarn stash is awesome! I have a lot, not so sure if I have that much but a lot.

You'll just have to spend time browsing for new patterns and projects now! That sounds like just as much fun.

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