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March 17, 2009

To dense?

To dense?
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I started my second Clapotis last night with some Mission Falls 1824 on a size 8 and I have this nagging feeling this morning something is off. I think the fabric is to dense. Should I wait until I drop the first column of stitches or should I frog now? Any thoughts out there?


leah said...

how much further until you drop the stitches? Ultimately if it is nagging you though you probably should go ahead and rip it! Otherwise you will always wonder!

Anonymous said...

If it feels tight and stiff, I would rip and go up a needle size (or two). Otherwise, it might make for an easily distorted item when blocking. You might get too much stretch from the ladders and not enough from the stockinette part.

Anonymous said...

If you're only a few rows from the drop sts, then I'd go for it. But if you think that something is "off" then rip it. You want to have a smile on your face when it's done so do what feels right.

C-ya, Amy

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