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April 6, 2009

2009 Seeds Sowed

I love this picture of my husband. It was taken yesterday afternoon during our visit to Mojo Lounge on the Cap here in C-bus. Believe it or not we were able to sit outside for about an hour before the wind started kicking up. You wouldn't know it today since it hasn't been out of the 30's and snowed on my drive home.

And I thought spring was here at last?

This aloe baby (bottom right) is a little miracle. Miracle because I have never been able to grow aloe plants and I have managed to keep this sucker alive for over a year now! And it is giving birth too! Yeah me!

This past weekend found me sowing the seeds for this year's garden. I am trying my green thumb at starting some tomato plants from seeds this year. I sowed two different kinds called Early Girl and Big Beef. Several of the plants, should they sprout, are promised to friends and the remaining will be planted in the courtyard. I hope to freeze diced tomatoes for bruschetta, salsa and marina over the winter. Of course if Grammy knew I was planning to freeze them she would tell me that canning them is the way to go.....

Anyway I found these tomato starters. I use the smaller ones for the other seedlings. These suckers triple their size once you add water to them. Its almost magical.

I also sowed some basil, cilantro, and GrandPaw (Jasmin's Grandpaw sent seeds to Poo and Kiki for Christmas) Catnip.

Below is a saucer of oat grass seeds. Kiki will be soooooooooooo happy when these suckers sprout. I wish Poo would eat it.....

Stay tuned for seed sprouting pictures.

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