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April 4, 2009

Ahhhhh The Calvery Arrived! Well Help Did Anyway.....

So yesterday in the mail the "help" arrived. :-) This lovely circular needle case was purchased from Sarah of Sarahkincheloe Etsy Shop. She has very pretty hand made knitting organizers and other stuff too. This pouch offers 21 pockets to organize my fixed circulars. Ahhhhhhh

Did I say how pretty it is too?

Here is an updated curtain #1 picture. It still doesn't know if it wants to be a half or whole window curtain. Perhaps a half with a valance topper?

Thursday night I went to knit with knit group. All the knitting I completed on both projects ~ Ribs and Clap #2 had to be ripped back out!

The sleeve cap I finished on the Ribs was perfect on the back side but the short row wrap and turns on the front side looked like Poo knitted them. So frog frog frog. Here is the sleeve cap reknitted. Much better. Thanks to those ladies who sent me short row support.

So despite the fact this is my second time knitting the clap I misread the pattern on the increase section and ended up with 50+ to many stitches. OOOOPPPPS! So I had to rip back a bunch. Here is an updated picture with the first column of stitches dropped!


Ria said...

I can only bring the simplest of projects to knit group!! And half the time I don't actually knit anyway!

NextVanGogh said...

are you blaming US for your knitting mishaps?!?!?? :)

I know it's very hard to pay attention too all that is going on and knit RIGHT. :)

Rib sleeve looks way tons better! Totally cracked up when you said it looked like Poo knit it. LOL! Good job. I think I might give up on mine, I'm just not totally feeling it. I'm going to do a little more and see if I start liking it better.

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