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April 21, 2009

Poo has been in the dog house!

Ria asked about Poo today. I haven't said much about him lately because he has been spending much time in the dog house. What haven't I been sharing with you?

Well remember the Poopy Experiment? Remember our dining room? This is what the dining room looks like tonight. See that far back right corner?

It seems Poo got VERY pissed (pun intended) off after that day of testing and decided the new, hip spot to pee was that corner. I spent two nights using our steam cleaner plus $40+ dollars on urine neutralizers to no avail.

This past weekend Jimmy and I purchased Kilz & wood flooring and have schedule installation next Wednesday. So for now the dining room continues to be barricaded with plywood to keep the little villain OUT.

Isn't he cute though?

On a good note he is doing better. His readings have been in the 200's and his doctor is considering a minor tweak of his dose soon to see if we can get it a little lower.

The seedlings are coming along great.

1 comment:

Ria said...

I kinda don"t blame him for being pissed - Not condoning it..

Glad his sugar has been doing better though - and yes he is super adorable!

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