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May 5, 2009


Aren't they cute?

Here is a naked alpaca!

I met up with Julane and Kristie at the Alpaca Fest over the weekend. That is Kristie knitting with size 50 knitting needles.

That is a very serious look of concentration Kristie. I really wanted a set of those needles but not for $50 bucks.

I bought two hanks of super soft alpaca. I can't stop petting that yarn.

After the Alpaca we went back to my place for lunch and knitting. Here is Julane working on a secret Christmas gift.

I finished my Sunshine socks while hanging out with the ladies.

This week I have been working on my second Clapotis. I really love this yarn and pattern together. Must get it done so I can wrap up on cool evenings by the fire.


NextVanGogh said...

very nice clap... how many colors do you have? That will be very cozy in Mission!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I love knitting with Alpaca!! Plus they are super cute :-)

Did I mention I am completely envious of your knitting skills? I am scared to death to do anything other than K1, P1 with cables. Honestly! Not to mention that at the speed I knit, my projects take MONTHS to finish. Can I just live vicariously through your needles?

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Kristie.... Thank you! I have the a couple blues, charcoal, and orange left. I started using the orange and I am trying to stay positive about the contrast.

Lisa... Thank you! The Alpacas are so sweet and cute. We had fun.

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