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May 20, 2009

Life Altering.....

Have you ever participated in something where you know it is going to have a profound impact on you for the rest of your life? I am currently participating in something that I feel will be life altering for me. I can't talk about it just yet but I can feel my "alert level" is elevated and there is really nothing I can do to stop this process and how it will change me. It isn't good or bad it just is what it is. I know stop with the Cryptoquip as my husband likes to say. :-) All in good time I will share with you. I promise!

Speaking of my husband. He is in DC this week starting his new job. This is an exciting time for him as he embarks on the next phase of his career. Congratulations baby! I just love this pic of him taken last week at our favorite Chinese place.

On knitting news I have a few things to share.

Back in November of 2007 I participated in a swap. As part of the swap packaged I received this mug from Darcy. It didn't take me very long to fill it with DPN's and crochet hooks.

Remember the Calvary that arrived in April? I purchased another handmade case from Sarah of Sarahkincheloe Etsy Shop which I totally love like the circular case.

It is a pretty pink and holds all my wonderful DPNs and crochet hooks in a nice roll.

Our next door neighbor is expecting a baby girl in July. I knit up these cute Baby Bib O' Love for her and baby. I realized after I took the pictures the coral bib is bottom side up but hey you get the idea.

These are Eunice socks by Cookie A.

So the life altering "thing" I mentioned above is leaving me a lot of time where I can knit something very simple. I picked the Pinwheel blanket.

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