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May 27, 2009

Checking back into my life.....

Today we, myself and 11 other jurors, convicted a man with 6 felonies, including murder. There I can finally talk about it. These decisions were not taken lightly and I feel the verdicts returned were fair and just. They were very difficult and a few times prompted tears in the eyes of us jurors as we deliberated the facts of the case.

Just the two words Jury Duty brings about many different feelings in people. Today I can fully appreciate the seriousness of what is tasked of a juror when seated. To see a witness give testimony while in prison garb and shackled. Just the simple task of itching a scratch challenging for them. This is enough to make the hair on the back of the neck stand at attention.

I sit here this evening at home with a glass of wine. But I am thinking about the man returning to his jail cell this evening and his family returning to their town. Their lives will never be the same. I am also thinking about the person murdered. His family. His mom in the parking garage thanking us for what we did. I am grateful there were two guards that walked us to our cars. It could have been a very different scene all together.

I admit I am a little numb right now. I am sure over the next couple days I will settle back into my life and this will be less personal that it feels right now.


Olliesmomknits said...

Wow. What an experience. I sat in on a murder trial once for the children service worker that was killed. That was hard enough, I can't imagine being a juror.

Olliesmomknits said...

Wow! What an experience!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

HUGS!!! You had a very hard thing to do and I appreciate that you stood up and served. Too many people (guilty myself on a few occasions) avoid it. You did a very noble and honorable job.

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