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May 3, 2009

Old Wives Tale or perhaps jealousy....

There seems to be a rumor floating around the knitting community that needs to be addressed. I think it started when local yarn shop (LYS) owners decided to start a nasty rumor about Knitpicks. It is said they use inappropriate means for obtaining their yarn inventory to sell. Now why would LYS owners do this? Because they are angry and jealous of Knitpicks success at providing low cost, great quality yarn.

I have attempted to research this claim to no avail. I can't find a single written article to support this claim. It seems Knitpicks has addressed this issue on their website below. I find it interesting they invite anyone to visit their manufacturing partners. I am pretty sure if there was anything inappropriate going on it would be well documented other than a nasty rumor by word of month.

Our Manufacturing Partners

Knit Picks has very high standards for the International manufacturers we choose to work with. Executives from Knit Picks have visited each of our manufacturers' factories personally to ensure that their facilities and labor practices are in line with both Knit Picks' and our customers' expectations. Specifically, Knit Picks works only with manufacturers who:

  • Institute management practices that respect the rights of all employees
  • Provide a safe and healthy work place
  • Promote the health and well-being of all employees
  • Oppose the use of child labor
  • Have an active role in the positive development of their local community

And if you’re ever interested in visiting our facilities in India, Peru, or Italy, e-mail Customer Service for more information, and we’ll connect you with a factory representative.

Thanks Julane!


Ria said...

I think it's like a lot of mom and pop carpet shops tell people Home Depot sells 2nds.. yet we buy straight from the mill and leave our mill tags on, they mostly buy from distributors that replace the mill manufacture tags with their own tags. I think knit picks is less money because of A. volume and B. they control the whole process so they aren't buying from a bunch of manufacturers.

NextVanGogh said...

and to add on to RIA's comment, they don't carry EVERYTHING, so if there are specialty blends you want you can go elsewhere. I think KP has a great supply of "staples" and I like that they expanded their line of accessories as well.

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