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June 1, 2009

Finished Objects & More YARN!

I have finally finished Blanket # 1. I am going to be donating it to Choices: Eliminating Domestic Violence. I used up a bunch of the stash (from my Grammy and mom ~ Grammy would be happy) yarn on this baby. I found that I had a serious case of ADD working on this hence the many color changes. It kept me focused. I started it in November 2008 and finished it yesterday. Not bad I say....

I found some cute daisy buttons for the bibs. Washed them up this morning and they are drying as I type this. I will be able to give them to Abby and baby very soon!

Went with some friends to The Great Lakes Fiber Show a couple weekends ago. It was a beautiful day and lots of yarn to be bought! I was excited to find the Naughty Knitter pin and had to buy it for Molly since she has used that photo in her blog/event invite before. I was so happy Knitting Notions was at the fest. Last fall I purchased one of her shawl pins and found that I needed another one for the Suzie Hoodie. I picked up this dark one to go with it.

This yarn was $10. It was a bag full of yarn and I can use it to make felted items. I can even practice dying with it.

Here is the prize of the day! My very first Briar Rose. Ohhhh MY! 2,500 yards of Alpaca lace weight! My arm was falling off yesterday winding this sucker. Just ask Kristie and Jimmy since they had to listen to me whine the whole winding way!

What is the swatch you say?

Tomorrow Heather and I are having a cast on party. We are finally making our Leaf and Trellis stoles. I will be using the Briar Rose. DROOL!

After the Fiber Fest we had lunch at The Barn Restaurant and then found LYS called Calla Lily Yarn & Gifts. It was there I found this amazing sock yarn.

Check out this link to see how this exact colorway has been knit up already. I am very very excited about this and can't wait to finish the pair of socks I am currently working on. I think a very simple stockinette or 2x2 rib sock is all I need to let the colors sing.


Ria said...

Great acquisitions!! I whine about 450 yds, can't imagine 2500 yds.

Karen said...

The blanket looks awesome, the edging is fab. I got to see the Brier Rose in person at Knit Knite, oh it's yummy.

You went to The Barn for dinner? Have not been there in ages, it's up there with the Smithville Inn and Das Essenhaus in Shreve as my favorite places to eat as a little girl growing up way outside Wooster.

So excited about the sock yarn. That's looking mighty yummy.

Robin said...

Love the finished blanket-
I love the Trekking XXL- I get mine from Astrids Dutch obsession online - way cheaper than here. Even with shipping.

Jackie F. said...

Love the blanket!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Got to get that Naughty Knitter pin! Do you know if it is available on-line?
And the lime green yarn is to die for!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

P.s. WHere did you get the baby bib pattern? I have a left over skein of the green from my first baby burpy blanket and that would be a cute bib to make a matching set.

Bean Counting Knitter said...


That pattern can be found in the first Mason Dixon book. Here is the pattern page on Ravelry.
It is a very easy pattern but oh so cute!

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Lisa.... I am not sure what vendor I found the pins so I can't direct you to where to get them. If I see them again I will find out some information to share with you.

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