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June 25, 2009

Do you know what kitties do?

So Audra sent me an email with many many great pet pics in it this morning. One of the pics really hit home for me and I have to share it here.

Do you know what your cat does when you aren't home or perhaps even when you are home and not looking?

About a month after we adopted Kiki I noticed something off with my toothbrush. It had black hairs sticking out it. I was sooooooooooooooo grossed out. I spoke with the gal that brought us Kiki and she said oh yeah Sally said she caught Kitty Kitty doing that. For those that don't know the history. Kiki was called Kitty Kitty by her previous owner Sally. Sally has since passed away from a terrible illness. Kiki's name changed because she didn't answer to Kitty Kitty but Poo did. Kiki now loves her new shortened name and comes when she is called ~ well some of the time when she isn't ignorning us. Thanks for reading a little Kiki history. Oh by the way. That day all the toothbrushes were thrown out and new covered toothbrushes are used in our home. ;-)


leah said...

How funny! It is so true we never know what they are up to!

Ria said...

sorry... I fid that hysterical!

Liz said...

I like to believe that mine just sleeps all day! Yeah, that's what she does....

Lisa-tastrophies said...

At least she is practicing proper dental hygen. :-)
If Bud E Phat had done that, maybe I would have had to spend an entire fortune on having his teeth pulled :-)

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