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June 15, 2009


So back in April Molly let me raid her button stash for some buttons to finish my Slinky Rib sweater. Since then I have coveted her button stash. Here is her button stash all nice and organized! I had forgotten the exact "thing" she had to house her buttons but I knew it had many many drawers. This is sort of important to note and you will see why when you read further down.

Well since then I have spent much time thinking about how I can go about acquiring my own button stash. I remember back to when I was a child and Mom started dating Ray. Ray worked as a manager of the Button Factory in Rochester before opening his own business. I remember there being many boxes of buttons around from Ray's previous employment. After the Molly button adventure I asked Mom if there were any buttons left and she told me they had all been disbursed and used among family members. I was bummed out when I learned of this....

Then a couple weeks ago my Aunt Dar emailed me asking if I wanted a bag of buttons she had laying around. WHAT????? YES please send them! So last week this box arrived from NY.

Thank you Aunt Dar!

OMG buttons and vintage crochet hooks. So as I started sorting the buttons by color, Jimmy and I realized the little case I was going to use for segregating buttons wasn't going to work. He started surfing the Lowes and Home Depot sites and found this

which we immediately went over to pick up at Home Depot. I didn't realize until Molly sent me her pictures yesterday that it is the same as hers with the exception of color. I am looking forward to going button shopping with Molly very very soon!

Change continued...... Stay tuned!

Last week I received an order from Knitpicks....

From the Sensational Knitted Sock book I knit this sock. It is with the yarn purchased at Calla Lilly Yarn & Gifts in Wooster last month. The yarn is Trekking XXL and I love how it looks like I am using multiple yarns. I started this sock Saturday night and finished it this morning ~ less than 36 hours to get it off the needles. YOZA my hands hurt. :-) I think I will take a break from knitting tonight and work on the "change project".


Ria said...

Stashing buttons....must never let curt see this post...

Karen said...

Button Stash FTW!!!!

Do I see a craft/work/play room taking shape? Very nice.

Glad to see that KP order finally made it home.

Love the sock.

Robin said...

I have a tool cabinet like that for buttons!! Had it for about 20 years now.. Love your socks -that Trekking is wonderful to work with I love it.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I have a "button" love as well. Only, I just like to keep one or two of the really cool ones I find.
The room is looking awesome. Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

P.s. I am totally impressed with 36 hours! it takes me weeks/months to complete anything :-)

Angie said...

Love the button tool box organizer idea. I may have to copy that one!!

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