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January 10, 2011

Brambles finished

Originally uploaded by bean counting knitter
Brambles from Knitty

I loved knitting this hat. Blocking it was almost as fun. The directions say the following for finishing:

Weave in ends and block. The body of this hat grows and achieves its shape through wet blocking. Dinner plates were used for medium-length and long hats shown. The short hat was blocked using an inflated balloon. Both methods work well.

To prevent stretching the ribbed hat band, waste yarn was basted in a running stitch along the round between the ribbed band and the hat body. After the hat was soaked and placed over the blocking form, the waste yarn was cinched, to firmly stretch the cabled hat body. The ribbed band was then pulled vertically by hand and left to dry for a perfect finish.


Ria said...

That came out great! love the color too.

Robin said...

Love the color and the pattern. I'm a sucker for cables. I also got my hair cut short, short and am now wearing my mondo cable hat.

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