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June 21, 2009

Almost twins

I finished two knitted items this weekend. WOOT!

Yesterday I finished knitting my second Clapotis and blocked it this morning. This baby is knit in super soft, superwashed Mission Falls 1824. Is it wrong to want a 50 degree day so I can wear it?

Today I finished the Garter Rib socks. They are knit up with Trekking XXL and about two rows off from being identical twins. I started these socks last Saturday.


leah said...

The clapotis looks super! I really like the color changes on it! I'm all for asking for a 50 degree has been so hot too! the socks looks super too!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

How did you learn to knit fast? I want to increase my speed, but can't seem to find my stride, so the # of my WIPs are increasing, but my FP's aren't.

The clapotis and socks are awesome!!!

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