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September 20, 2009

Got a beater?

Recently a knitting friend invited me to join her and two other knitters on a trip to A Wool Gathering. We had a good time but we all agreed that A Wool Gathering wasn't as plentiful as our trip in May to Great Lakes Fiber Show. There was a fair amount of roving to be had yesterday but the yarn selection was less than desirable. 
I have been considering/reflecting/dreaming about weaving for many months now. I have always been fascinated with the way thread/yarn can be manipulated to make lovely fabric. I knew I wanted to start out small to try it out to see if it is something I really would stick with so I purchased a couple looms yesterday. At the fest I purchased a small table top tapestry loom. I was disappointed last evening when I unpacked it to find the directions were not included in the bag as the selling vendor promised. I have asked another friend attending the fest today to stop by the booth to ask for a copy of the directions. 

The picture above is the loom pieces as well as some weaving notions I picked up. I was in another booth looking at the weaving notions when the seller asked me "do you have a beater"? My mind immediatly kicked in thinking ~ no he doesn't beat me but I didn't say it out loud thankfully. The paddle with teeth thingies, on the bottom left, is called a beater. It is used to push the woven yarn down tight against the woven yarn below. Or filling the gaps to create the woven fabric. I am currently in the process of learning weaving vocabulary. Like knitting there are many terms and I am finding I might be more successful if I learn them now rather than later. Next to the beater are five tapestry weaving needles and some yarn bobbins. 

True to form when I start a new craft I picked up a couple tapestry books. One is for techniques and the other is directions for projects. The first picture is of the books and the second shows a couple project ideas. WOW look at the detail! I think tapestry weaving is more of a free form weaving. 

I did pick up about 1,500 yards of some Knitting Notions Classic Merino Sport weight yarn on clearance for 50% off. The colorway is Maple.

On the way back from the fest we decided to stop into A Tangled Tale in Powell. I just love this shop. Dorren and her mom Elaine are fantastic, good people. Very helpful and totally enabling. I picked up a ball of Ty-Dy sock yarn. Very pretty pink, green and brown colorway.

Elaine is a weaver and stocks some small weaving Weavettes in the shop. I picked one up yesterday and have already made 7 pieces from left over wool in my stash. I can see where weaving will be great at stash busting. 


Robin said...

I didn't make it to the fest today due to the rain- and mucho laundry. I'd love to see your loom when you get it assembled.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Oh, I would like to learn more about this. Are you making tapestries as in wall hangings? Or as in woven cloth? It looks really cool. And once again the yarn is giving me yarn envy

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Robin... I hope to get it assembled this weekend. I will let know when it is. :-)

Lisa... I want to make wall hangings as well as some other things spinning around in my head. I am sure you will read about it all here. :-)

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