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September 23, 2009

Knitting Hands

As you may have noticed recently I have been renovating my blog. The latest addition/change is the title picture which I have named Knitting Hands. Original huh? Anyway I scanned through my digital pictures and cropped to create this picture. I am excited how it turned out. I have been working on it since the beginning of the blog construction project so it has been a while coming to fruition (knitting kept getting in the way).

I am one step closer to the end result of all the modifications I would like to make to the blog. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Lisa-tastrophies said...

You have inspired me to get out the knitting again. Going to pull that Mr. Greenjeans sweater out of the bag and start working on it again.
Thanks for the kick in the knitting rear I needed. :-)

Bean Counting Knitter said...

I can't wait to see your Mr. Greenjeans sweater!

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