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September 9, 2009

Maybe it is the equipment!

Recently I have been voicing my "opinion" that I HATE lace weight yarn. Hate is such a strong word I shouldn't use because it usually bites me in the a$$ as you will see very soon. Besides there is such a fine line between hate and love that it is often blurry anyway.

I had almost resigned myself to knit with only fingering or heavier weights of yarn for the rest of my life after I finish my current Leaf and Trellis project. However, I have taken a step back to look at some facts. Is it really the lace yarns fault because I was angry? 

I was knitting on the Leaf and Trellis while visiting with a couple knitting friends recently and though "geezzzz I really hate these rubber stitch markets." They were dragging on the needles and the lace stitches were getting caught up together and wonkified. The yarn didn't seem to move nicely over the wooden needles either. So I asked the gals if they wanted to take a ride over to Temptations so I could buy an Addi Lace Turbo Circular and off we went. Just that little change of needle was enough to make me not hate working with the lace yarn so much.
I plan to change out my rubber markers to some brass markers I received in an order from Knit Picks last week. One other change has been made. I realized the chart size was killing my eyes so I have since blown up a copy of the sections I have yet to work and my eyes are grateful.

So I think with some minor adjustments to my knitting equipment I won’t have to eliminate lace weight yarn from my available resources. This is a good thing since I have a good pile of lace weight yarn in my stash....


mollylouhoo said...

This is such an educational post! I have all that lace weight yarn - some from you, and I was so nervous about starting - seems like such a big step. But now I don't feel so nervous.

Robin said...

I love working with lace yarn on my Harmony wooden needles- the addi turbos are too slippery for my hands- I have some lovely little stitch markers from an Etsy shop that work well with the yarns I use.
Glad you found tools so that you can love lace

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