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September 18, 2009

Travel knitting

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During our trip to New York I was able to knit the back down to the 19 inches called for and start the front. I moved the back stitches to scrap yarn since I want to knit the front to the same length and work the collar to determine if the length is where I want it before binding off. Speaking of the collar I think I am going to knit it with a "v" in the front. I am not a fan of things up around my neck so I think the opening will give me the space I need. Also I don't like to work garter stitch in the round and this will give me a better result for my preference.


mollylouhoo said...

very nice - I concur about the V - it will make your clavicles look sexy :)

Ria said...

Looks great so far! I can't wear things anywhere near my neck either - no turtlenecks, must be loose cowls,Vnecks all the way!!! (it doesn't hurt that v-necks make the girls look good either!)

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Is this the Snickerdoodle Lux you were making.
Are you for hire? I LOVE that Snickerdoodle and have been totally coveting it since you posted it.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Molly and Ria thank you for the feedback. I am going to go for the "V" neck.

Lisa it is the the Snickerdoodle Luxe.

I haven't worked on this sweater since the return car trip from New York. I have a couple lace projects I want to finish and then the sweater is next on the agenda.

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