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September 6, 2009

French Pressing Tea!

What a weekend it has been already. Last night we went to a Columbus Clippers game. It was a beautiful night for Baseball. 
Today we met up with Molly @ Staufs for some knitting and conversation. Lately I have been drinking tea more than coffee. Tea doesn't seem to bother my stomach like coffee does. Staufs sells many loose leaf teas that are so yummy. Well this little French Press caught my eye today. A few weeks ago someone mentioned using a french press to brew tea and my mind just went nuts when I saw this little guy. How could I resist it when it is all red and cute even! I have brew 4 cups of tea since getting it home tonight and it makes a darn good cup of tea! 
I harvested the last of the catnip crop for this year. The cats have been going nuts tonight. I wonder why?
 Below is the blocked Raha scarf. I am very pleased how this project turned out.


mollylouhoo said...

You owe me some of those herbs after the comment you left on my blog, missy :)

Bean Counting Knitter said...


rachel joy baransi said...

okay, that's awesome! i'm familiar with making coffee in the french press, but how much time do you let it steep and everything with tea? where's the best place to buy loose leaf tea? happy labor day!!

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Rachel... I have been letting my tea steep about 4 minutes but it more a personal preference. You can sort of play with the time to see what you like. It may be different for each type of tea too. You can also adjust the amount of tea you use. I "rebrewed" the same tea three times last night and each cup was a little weaker than the first but still yummy.

I get loose tea at Staufs (Grandview) and Teavana (Easton and Online).

rachel joy baransi said...

okay cool, thanks!

i've seen teavana a few times, looks like cool place, i'll have to go in next time i pass!

Ria said...

Oh - french pressing loose tea sounds like a wonderful alternative to tea balls!! I'm guessing you would need a dedicated press right?? The scarf looks great!

Bean Counting Knitter said...

Yes I would say a dedicated press is necessary.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

You grow your own catnip, too?!??!? You are now officially my hero. (I think my cats are in love with you as well)

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