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August 15, 2008

A 20 # cat shouldn't be able to do that......

Ok so I am really frustrated...... We have discovered why Poo has been getting the "Hershey Squirts". Yep he has gotten stronger taking steroids so now he can jump up into the coffin corner, where we feed Kiki. Kiki's and Poo can't eat the same food. We have tried every combination under the sun three times over. They just can't. His food make her puke more than normal and her food makes him Hershey Squirt.

Well tonight this is where I found him! That look says man I am pissed because the food bowl isn't here. I put it somewhere else not 5 minutes before I found him in that pose. I think it is going to be a situation where Kiki will get her food at a different location daily.

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