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August 22, 2008

Enough is enough....

So with knitting I have learned it is ok to scrap a project that once seemed so very cool. In the beginning I was so enthusiastic but then something happened. The knitting infatuation dissipated and I am left with a new found resentment forming towards the project. That is where I have been at with the Komb (picture above) project.

So last evening I was pondering this Komb dilemma when I remembered the Mason-Dixon Knitting book and the Modern Log Cabin pattern. Bells rang and peace ensued within my knitting brain. I grabbed the yarn and needles and casted on this lovely. This project will be the mindless knit that I can grab when I want to read and knit at the same time. Gotta love garter stitch projects.

I am going to use the same yarn set aside for the Komb that was sent back with me from Mom in New York earlier this year. I am going to make two of them for our bed covering. Which we bought a new bed this week omg. I woke up this morning for the first time in years without pain. :-)


Caps said...

Thank you for saying that it's OK to scrap a project if you aren't enamored with it any more. Those are just the words I needed to hear. I've been agonizing over finishing these God Awful socks (PSoD, if you read my blog) and just couldn't bring myself to get motivated to work on them. I just decided, they are officially DOA to me. Whoop!

Ria said...

I made my red/white/blue afghan from yarn frogged from another project that i absolutely began to despise and then didn't touch for 2 years. i feel no guilt!

Jennette said...

Oof. I needed this. I have two projects that are haunting me.

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