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August 14, 2008

Knitting denial must be faced

Ok so I am ready to face something that I have been in denial about since Monday. I "finished" the ribbed mitts for my MIL's Christmas gift. Well if you look really close the one on the right is WRONG. The thumb hole is in the hand and not where the fingers should be. Opps.... Well that isn't the only problem with that mitt. When I was performing the 3 needle bind off I forgot to bind off so I have an extra bind off row. So I now am ready to frog and fix.

1 comment:

Lisa-tastrophies said...

My sympathies on the frogging. I was halfway through my first vest when I discovered I had twisted the knits... 20 minutes of frogging and 20 minutes of crying later, I was back to halfway-halfway done with one side. The mittens are cute :-)

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