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August 6, 2008

What a week and it's only hump day....

In knitting news... On Sunday Jimmy and I were at Garden Ridge and I found this lovely basket. It is now the home of my projects near my favorite chair in the living room. It has really cleaned up things. Kiki loves "sharpening" her nails on it. Those socks on the top are the Cozy Armchair Socks # 2 with the book where the pattern is found behind.

I have been so envious of others who can knit and read so last week I went to Barnes & Noble and found this book weight. It works perfectly. Now hopefully I can do both and stop watching so much darn brain numbing TV.

Below is the start of the 2 Year Scrap Yarn Coiled Rug, which is where many of the scrap leftover yarn will be used up. I anticipate this rug will take about 2 years to finish.

This is the finished Bubbly Curtain. It is currently drying. I hope to get it hung in the Powder Room very soon with pictures soon after.

1 comment:

Caps said...

What a great idea for using up leftover yarn! I made it a favorite in Rav...I might have to try that sometime.

Don't you just love Garden Ridge? I can (and have) get lost in there sometimes.

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