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August 23, 2008

Awesome Saturday!

OK well this picture was taken last night so it isn't technically part of today but it is still cool. Jimmy and I were headed out last night and found this little guy on our garbage toter handle. Isn't it cute? Of course Jimmy had to do a boy thing and try to pet it which caused the frog to pee and jump away. ewwwwwwww can anyone say warts?

I met a knitting friend at the Franklin Park Conservatory this morning where there is a Blooms and Butterfly Exhibit. Not sure but I think this one is a moth.

Beautiful black and red butterfly. My friend and I tried very hard to get a picture of the gorgeous blue butterflies by they just wouldn't sit still for me. I hope she got some shots of them.

Koi pond. Wow they are so pretty and big!

This bonsai is over 25 years old.

This Jade Tree is at least 25 years old.

We went to knit with another knitting friend at the Pickerington Yarn Shop afterwards and I picked up some cotton chenille to make these lovely wash clots found in the Weekend Knitting book.

Also found a Jade Tree at the gift shop in the Conservatory that had my name on it. Those tomatoes are the first from my garden!

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Ria said...

Sounds like you had fun! The frog would have elicited a scream and mad panicky running away from my daughter, so petting it would not have been an option here. I love when the Museum of Natural History has the butterflies in manhattan and we get to go. A few years back a butterfly landed on my daughter's head! And for some reason, even though they are insects, they aren't bugs to her and so she loves them!

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