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August 10, 2008

Layout knitted goodies and THEY will appear....

Our kitties are picture trollops. Bring out yarn and/or knitwear, the camera and it wont be long before at least one of them "appears". You could call your fool head off to get their attention and not see hide nor hair of them. This is Jimmy's finished Stiletto Necklace made with Stephspun yarn purchased at ComFest.

Yesterday morning Jen and I met at the Kenny Road The Yarn Shop location to knit. I purchased this yarn to make the Fingerless Mitts for Jimmy's mom for Christmas.

These socks are ready to be Kitchener closed.

I finally finished the knitting on this project. All that is left is the blocking and tassels.


mollylouhoo said...

Aww, Poo and Kiki. You are going to love that Mission Falls. It is stunning and so practical! Man, you have been knitting up a storm!

Ria said...

you're kitties are adorable! (your knittings nice too!)

Lindsey said...

LOL, looks like you've got your own FBU happening.

Bean Counting Knitter said...

FBU.... OMG that is so great!

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